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Shouts · of · Joy

This workweek should be listed in Dante's Inferno somewhere, but I'm…

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This workweek should be listed in Dante's Inferno somewhere, but I'm grateful it's over, and yes it could have been worse!

     So relieved that the minor bouts of vertigo which started Sunday afternoon did not get worse. Only needed to take Bonine once. And thanks to my mom for her prayers!

     On Thursday I succeeded with a blood donation, yay!

     Also on Thursday, our department did a taco bar for Cinco de Mayo, which was a much-needed treat (and I had leftover guacamole, which was marvellous).

     I was actually able to leave work on time Thursday and Friday, hurrah! Almost all the upgrade issues have been either corrected or we've developed a workaround, so hopefully next week will be better.

     The monthly publish got delayed from May 5 to May 11, which took a lot of the pressure off.

     Glad to do some decent work with pass 3 in the second Geren book thanks to bus rides, especially the longer ones in the middle of rush hour. That was just about my only chance to enjoy myself.

     Now that the workweek's over and I have a chance for proper sleep...won't get it tonight, because it spiked up to 90 today. But thank God, the temperatures should be back to 70 tomorrow, so maybe I can get some decent sleep Saturday night...
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