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Recent blessings:

     The Community Ed class I'd signed up for last Saturday was cancelled, which meant I ended up having time for an outing to the Shakopee area I didn't think I'd get to have. Visited three nurseries, took a quick walk at the NWR where I enjoyed buttercups, wild blue phlox, hydrophilla blooms, and my second encounter with hoary puccoon, which is a really adorable flower. Got out to see Jungle Book for the second time with a free movie pass from my manager and enjoyed it even more than the first time. Topped off the day with a short visit to the MN Landscape Arboretum, where I was thrilled to enjoy three of my favorite spring flowers: trilliums, Virginia bluebells, and the forget-me-not looking blooms of 'Jack Frost' Brunnera (since mine died).

     Found out my pay raise that goes into effect June 1st--3.3%, thank you, God!

     Very grateful that this month's round of the female curse was nowhere near as bad as the last. Also blessed by a noontime seminar at work that I attended recently on perimenopause/menopause which was very illuminating.

     A fun lunch Wednesday. My boss recently found out about a church downtown that does a lunch once a week with really good food (by a really good chef) so she's been on me to join her sometime. So this time I went, and six of us walked over and enjoyed pizza rolls, creamy pasta soup, quinoa and white bean salad, salad with dates, basil, and capers, and banana cream pie bars. The weather was perfect for the walk back and forth as well--fun time!

     Book 2 pass 3 progress is past 75% and I made some good solid progress with 'DWoT' expansions in the evenings, for which I'm quite relieved.

     Happiness is receiving packages of items I am looking forward to giving to sundry people, hurrah!
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