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A hard week, but not without sweetness:

     Upon getting back from the vet after parting from Shado last Monday, I checked my mail and found a condolence card from my wonderful aunt. What incredible, providential timing!

     Also blessed by a caring card from my mom and the timing of a message left on my work phone by one of the non-profits I support, telling me they were praying for me. Of all times, that came on Monday night.

     I was stuck at work, only able to do around 2/3rds of the project assigned to me, until my boss came up with a brilliant ingenious idea. I finished building the script framework for it on Friday, so not only was it brilliant, it was doable too! So grateful for that when I was out of ideas and not in the best shape for innovation.

     So grateful for the blessing of my air mattress, especially when having issues with my air conditioning. Also grateful that the streak of July temperatures has ended and a week-long reprieve appears to be on the way.

     Of course wandering through the bakery area while hungry at the end of my food shopping Friday evening was asking for trouble...but I am loving the green pistachio muffins I found!

     Nearly every spare minute this week was spent working on preparing the first Triune novel for beta readers, so I'm grateful for a break in the form of getting out to see the latest 'X-Men' movie. Also a treat that I had enough points on my local theater card to get myself some free popcorn!
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