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Slowing down...

     Very glad to topple through the finish line with getting DWoT ready for Beta readers and let myself rest for a little bit. On Saturday I did NOTHING with editing, and my brain needed that!

     As a reward for making it, I've been enjoying the blueberry pie I snagged on sale back near Pi Day and stashed in my freezer until I 'earned' it. Yum!

     Also enjoyed getting out Saturday afternoon to see Captain America: Civil War a second time.

     A passing sunshower Monday evening yielded the first rainbow I've gotten to see in far too long.

     A couple last delicious days of May temperatures to savor before my area is due to get slammed by a heat wave. I've been loving my windows being open and my central air getting a rest. Got my place down to 64 inside both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, just wonderful.

     It's been nice taking it slower in the evenings. I've been dividing my time between pass 4 work in the second Geren book, and doing a small art project in Vue. And since the pass 4 stage I'm in can't be done on the bus, I've been getting caught up with magazine reading too.
Tags: art, book 2: editing, movies, rainbows
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