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     A quiet birthday this year, since it wasn't a milestone number and it fell on a Wednesday. Had a treat with the weather, though, as it was mostly cloudy, but not dull featureless clouds. Lots of layers and lovely patterns all day, beginning with a cloud that looked like an outspread bird's wing--I should have taken a picture.

     My birthday was a good excuse to stop by Panera that morning and get a lot of goodies to share with my coworkers--bagels, bearpaws, mini scones, fancy muffins. Didn't need lunch that day! Before I headed home, treated myself to falafel and my beloved fried sweet plantains thanks to Afro Deli. Also blessed by the kind cards/emails and generous gifts from my family.

     Got out to the Farmer's Market and "my bread guy" from last year was back, yay! Got myself some blueberry lemon bread but it was a hard choice with so many great options.

     Very glad to get rolling with pass 5 of my second Geren book this week. Also, Midsummer/my birthday brought my quickly-becoming-traditional reread of 'Vigil' and I'm very glad I didn't forget this year.
Tags: afro deli, book 2: editing, farmer's market, job: coworkers, job: other, panera, skyscapes, vigil
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