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Glad to survive the horribly hot weekend:

     Even by 9 am on Saturday, it was already well into the 80s and ghastly humid. So though I'd been looking forward to getting back to the local art fair after missing it last year, I didn't stay very long. Still, used birthday cash from my aunt to get a print for the guest bedroom, and also got to enjoy deep-fried cheese curds and then leave before me or my car melted.

     Church was neat on Sunday, as it was the annual Freedom Celebration to honor the veterans and those in military service. What made it even more special was having the former interim pastor speak, as he's a retired Air Force Colonel--and he even ran way over, as was his habit, ha ha! It was great to hear from him.

     My huge blessing this weekend was definitely my basement. Thanks to that, my cooling pads, cold drinks, and skimpy clothing, I made it through when my air conditioning could not keep up--particularly Saturday's 94 with 102 heat index due to the crazy humidity. Glad to make decent progress with book 2 work even though it was too hot Saturday for any cleaning or packing work. Sunday morning made up for that, thankfully!
Tags: art show, book 2: editing
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