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Another rough up-and-down week emotionally, with seasonal depression sprinkled atop, but there are always blessings!

     The nasty weekend heat broke and I had a couple of good nights of sleep Monday and Tuesday, which I was able to spend part or all of the night on my futon instead of the air mattress. That sure helped after the weekend!

     It's been a few months since we last got together, so having lunch at Hunan Garden with Bill and Dawn on Tuesday was a real treat. Nice to catch up and some great food too!

     I've been working on the latter part of pass 4 concurrently with the beginning of pass 5 with my second Geren book, in an attempt to stay on track, but it has been very time-consuming. So I'm very grateful to have finally finished pass 4 on Tuesday and be pretty close to 'quota' with my daily pass 5 work also.

     Best of all, a treat Thursday morning when I heard back from my second beta reader for DWoT (she'd been delayed a week due to unplanned events). She really loved the story and is eager to read the next book!
Tags: book 2: editing, dwot: betas, hunan garden, job: coworkers, job: new boss
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