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Weekend blessings:

     Considering it's early July, the weather has been far more merciful than I could hope for. Upper 70s for a high Saturday and even Sunday, and the mornings were wonderful those days as well. Friday was even better--I actually got my apartment down to 65 by morning!

     So grateful for the Towner's many kindnesses. This weekend, along with them praying over me and my seemingly-endless home search, it was also getting to borrow their minivan for a few days, so I could start filling up the storage unit I rented. Thanks to the weather, and the great hours at the storage unit, I could do some good work from 6 am onward, when it's cool enough for me to function. I could fit all sorts of stuff in that wonderful minivan on various trips--all my bookcases, and the desk, nightstand, and dresser from the guest bedroom, as well as loads of boxes. Thankfully moving out of my home is not as bad as moving in, since most everything just needs to be slid down the stairs, not up!

     The storage location is fabulous, as it's only about 2.5 miles from where I live, and in a beautiful triangle between/above two highways. When I drive over at 6 am, I see/hear loads of birds, and I've counted more rabbits around outside the area than I've seen anywhere...which makes me wonder what the dogs staying at the next-door kennel feel about that fact!

     I didn't get to do as much hauling Monday morning because I had previously scheduled a platelet donation for 7:45. So blessed that my iron was just high enough, and because I gave on the holiday weekend, I got a free Red Cross lunch bag. Perfect timing, as the one I'm currently using is at the disintegrating disgrace stage!
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