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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Cracker Barrel with…

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Recent delights:

     Cracker Barrel with the Towner's Tuesday night, delicious as always. Then they came over to my place and Joe used their 'Little Giant' ladder to replace items I'd knocked down years ago and couldn't reach with the vaulted ceiling. It was neat to see that ladder in action (especially setting it up on a stairs) and their kindness was VERY much appreciated!

     I'm tempted to call my storage unit "Elijah's storage space" because I have put an amazing amount of stuff in there and it is not full yet. Appreciate that!

     I haven't been able to enjoy Farmer's Market produce much lately because I need to eat my way through my fridge and freezer before I'm 'homeless,' but...I did treat myself to some sweet corn Thursday. Yum!

     Last but not least...it has been really hard to come up with editing time amidst the packing and showings, and it will be harder in the days ahead. So I'm very grateful I persevered and pass 5 with the second Geren book is DONE!
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