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Shouts · of · Joy

Back in warm, sticky Minnesota:…

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Back in warm, sticky Minnesota:

     Saturday was fiasco day on the vacation, but Sunday brought some delights. We made it back to Joe Fortes in Vancouver Sunday for a dinner that might even be more fabulous than the first one. This time we got dessert too--incredible!

     Sunday night we got to see Othello done by Bard on the Beach, set during the American Civil War time period. I was glad to see it, more so as it was the only one of Shakespeare's great tragedies I hadn't read or seen yet (yes, quite remiss).

     Grateful for safe travel throughout the entire trip, and for overwhelmingly good weather.

     My first flight Monday, from Vancouver to Seattle, was on a small plane and a lot of fun. I could watch the ferries going between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay like the one I rode the prior week. Got to see Victoria from the air, spot a huge container ship that reminded me of Captain Phillips, and recognize the long sandbars outside Port Angeles and Dungeness on the Olympic Peninsula, which brought back memories of driving out to one to watch the sunset.

     Tomorrow it's back to work, so what a blessing to have a quiet day to get a little settled at the Towners and catch up on a few tasks. Also wonderful to find out I can get the keys to my new place this Friday!
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