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The 'homeless' days are ended!

     So so grateful to the Towners for letting me stay at their place after I got back from Canada while I was waiting to get the keys for my new place. I was blessed in using a bedroom in the basement--it was a hot sticky week so their central air was running so much I about froze at times. Delicious! They were actually gone quite a lot, but we did get to have some meals together.

     Grateful again for the help I received with moving my stuff Saturday from storage to the new place. Joe and Mary helped, along with my former teammate Anna, who came by for a couple hours. Not only that, but she gave me a housewarming gift, which has been a big blessing since I haven't gotten to go shopping, so those muffins were great for breakfast and lunch today. She got me some cute little jam jars as well--so sweet!

     Another blessing on my move was the weather cooling to more normal temps and the ghastly humidity letting up. We all appreciated the non-sultry breeze on Saturday as we were hauling stuff.
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