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Shouts · of · Joy

So many blessings!      My mom had smooth…

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So many blessings!

     My mom had smooth flights, no trouble with her connections, and actually arrived a little early on Tuesday afternoon.

     On Wednesday we got together with the Towners for a visit to the MN Landscape Arboretum and then a delicious early dinner at Boca Chica afterward. The weather was magnificent, it was neat to take the guided tour, and even neater to hear Joe describe his younger years growing up in Alaska and later being stationed in Germany. Fantastic day!

     Very grateful what while the monthly curse had to show up right when my mom did, it has been blessedly untroublesome.

     Thursday was fantastic. My mom and I spent the whole day at the State Fair--it's been five years since her last visit. We were blessed by both amazing weather (low 70s and not humid and a long cool morning) and a remarkable lack of crowds for such great weather (because they've all already attended, the weather has been great a lot this year!) Got to savor many of my favorite treats, we both had success in shopping, and were delighted to enjoy the beautiful birds at our beloved 'Last Chance Forever' presentation.

     Looking forward to the three-day weekend and more time with my mom!
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