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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's Friday!      Thanks to my…

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So glad it's Friday!

     Thanks to my miserable ordeal in Denver July 20th, I received a 50% off coupon from Southwest that I used this week to get some airfare to visit family for Christmas and New Year's at a fantastic price. Looking forward to that visit, which should not contain 100+ degree temps either!

     Happy that my iron was high enough and I was able to make a blood donation during the blood drive at work on Thursday.

     My mom and I had a great time during her visit and I'm glad she made it safely home Thursday night without any hitches. Also blessed that she used her slow day to do some cleaning around my place. She is welcome back, ha ha!

     Getting to ride the bus again meant I could get back into pass 6 work on book 2. Delighted that I've passed the 80% mark.

     Excited over autumn temperatures in the forecast!
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