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Joys and answered prayers:

     On Saturday I was delighted to discover that the new Hobby Lobby about 3 miles from where I live is already open. Even better, when I wandered around inside I found the perfect solution for securing three pictures and my makeshift over-the-sink light in my kitchen (the latter was being held in place with a jury-rigged solution involving garish orange clamps). Got some autumn napkins with a Bible verse that I really like as well.

     Sunday afternoon I finally got to see Kubo and the Two Strings at the theater. Beautiful movie, but what really got me excited was the car commercial beforehand in which the actor/driver recited the entirety of William Blake's 'Tyger Tyger.' So cool!

     Got a big prayer request a long time in the seeking answered this week. Figuring out funding to get more novels professionally edited has been on my prayer list all year, but with apartment shopping and the Canada trip I hadn't had much time of late to focus on it. No sooner did I get back to Minnesota and move (the day after, August 14) than there was an entire section of the sermon that felt aimed right at my question. I was shocked. Then came more praying and research and then delay with my mom's visit. That time brought me a number and a strategy, but this week was the wrap-up. I was so blessed on Tuesday (after checking out other options) to get a great loan from my bank with a very nice interest rate (they just *happened* to have a sale going this month) and no prepayment penalty. So now if I save up the rest, I can get three more novels edited, hopefully over this year and the next. Thank you God, for answered prayer and clear direction!

     Also on Tuesday the wonderful Towners picked me up at work and with their help and their minivan, I was able to get my dwarf umbrella tree/schefflera whom I call "Schleffie" moved from the Johnsons to my new place, and just in time before the first really cool night. I've had him since he was a tiny little plant I bought in high school--probably close to 25 years. I had great evening with the Towners as well, and Schleffie now nicely occupies over half my new dining room. I just have to figure out additional lighting before he throws a big fit over coming inside!
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