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Mid-week joys:
     Over the weekend I got the last items moved out of the larger storage unit. It feels good to have that wrapped up, but that 50% off for three months storage unit was a big blessing this summer.
     Also got out on the weekend to see Sully and I'm glad I did. I appreciated how the movie was structured to reveal events in layers and maintain uncertainly. I was also amazed by the flight attendants.
     Monday at work was a terrible horrible day, but Monday evening at home was wonderful because I kicked off writing the novella The Furthest Leap. Progress will probably be slow, but very glad I can finally get back to writing!
     Also very glad, that with life settling down and pass 6 wrapped up, I can do some fiction reading for fun again. It has been FAR too long.
     Last but not least, happy that I got the editing contract signed and the first half of the payment mailed out to my editor. Little more than a month until she starts!
Tags: book 2: editing, furthest leap, movies
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