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Recent blessings:
     Around the middle of the month my air mattress started to tear apart on the inside and create a 'bulge' in the middle. It's been a race ever since, waiting for it to get cool enough to abandon sleeping on it while the bulge got longer and harder to sleep on every night. Very glad I made it! The bulge reached 100% of the mattress length by the 20th, but on the 22nd I could get away with sleeping on a regular mattress and not be too overheated. It was hard trying to balance on that thing in my sleep and not slide off!
     The last week has brought even more crazy quantities of rain (and hail on Wednesday night), though thankfully my area didn't get the worst of it. So that reminds me, despite my disgruntlement over more evenings of splashing homeward huddled under an umbrella, that I should count my blessings. Nice thing about being in a second-floor apartment is that I don't have to worry about water in the basement, or leaking through the roof!
     On Saturday morning I got together with Joe for a long-anticipated bike ride. (He's been wanting to do one with me since my bike has been living in their garage the last few months.) He took me around a whole lot of the local paths and down to the regional park, and we covered 22 miles total. My rear did not appreciate so much quality time with the bike seat, but I'm delighted I was hardly even sore the following day.
     I had lunch with my boss's boss, Jodi, today. I don't think we've ever done that before, not just the two of us. I got to enjoy delicious sweet corn tamales, black beans, and rice from La Loma, and we had a great time catching up, as it has been a crazy summer for both of us, but hers was definitely crazier. I am so blessed to have her as my manager (and former boss).
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