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Recent blessings:
     It's amazing how an event in the past can be seen in a different light after gaining new knowledge. That was my experience last week, when I stumbled across an article about the results of a massive study tracking 1 million women and finding a strong correlation between the birth control pill (and other birth control methods) and depression. Checking my old journal revealed that my major depression started around 4 months after first getting on the pill (which I did to try to control the damage my period was doing to my health and body). While correlation obviously does not equal causation, I'd long blamed the emotional losses of latter 2006/early 2007 for triggering the most awful event of my life, and now I know there's more at play than that. What a huge blessing from heaven to learn this!
     I had busy weekend taking advantage of some great autumn weather. On Saturday I drove down to Red Wing for their annual Art Fair, and also got in a short walk at Frontenac State Park and a visit to the Pepin Heights apple store. A nice day all around.
     On Sunday I headed north to Wild River State Park, which I haven't been to in a while. The autumn color was much better up there than around Red Wing, but the highlight of my seven mile hike was definitely the ruffed grouse. I heard a few of them, but better yet got to see some, and even got a photo! Between pheasants, wild turkeys, and grouse, grouse are certainly the gamebird I encounter the least.
     The drive back was beautiful, highlighted by spotting a pair of bald eagles sitting side by side in a big dead tree. Cute!
     Also happy that I got my cover image project for the DWoT eBook completed, and I'm finally getting up to the final stages with the DWoT revisions as well.
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