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A triumph for my mom and a milestone for my cat Shado today--she got to pet him! She'd been hoping to accomplish as much by the time she left; it just came sooner than expected, as she was home during the day with the cats while I was at work.

     We're both impressed with how well Shado has been doing during her visit. Quite a change from his younger years. I daresay she is the third person that Shado has ever voluntarily let touch him, the others being me and the lady that raised him.

     And another brief farewell. My mom and I hope to be heading off at 6am tomorrow. I'm taking her to visit a friend that lives near Sioux Falls, South Dakota (about a six-hour drive). We should be back sometime late on Saturday. People don't go to eastern South Dakota for the scenery (the Black Hills in the west are quite a different matter *drools*) but Brenda's little hobby farm has always proven a treasure trove of countryside bird species. =)
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