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     Enjoying some literal treats thanks to the United Way fundraiser bake sale I got to on Tuesday. Brownies and cookies, yum!
     An interesting bit of fun on Thursday. Because of the Prince tribute concert that evening, the St Paul mayor called for a purple day, and my employer got in on it--anyone who wore purple also got to wear jeans! (And they lit up a couple places with purple lights too.) So that made for a fun day, with all the people who participated.
     I've had more than enough frustration lately, so I'm glad also for the good things I really enjoy about my current lodging. Thanks to being on one level in a smaller space, vacuuming is a lot easier, as I don't have to be constantly unplugging it and hauling it up and down stairs. When I play a cd on my boom box, I can hear it in the kitchen and at my pc, and my cds are not a long many-stairs trip from the boom box either. For the first time in decades, I'm living in a place that does not have walls that are all stark hospital white. I really love that the room doors and closets are a nice white finish, after ages in places with beat-up ugly brown wood doors. The baseboards are white too, and since I hate the color brown, this delights me. And if the cold weather must cause an insect invasion, what a treat that they're all ladybugs!
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