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Weekend joys:
     I got to pick up my FedEx package Saturday and install the privacy window film in my bedroom that I've been wanting. It was not easy to do the measuring or get it hung up straight, but I really like it. Not only does it give privacy so I can walk around in there clothed however I want, but it filters the sunlight nicely so hopefully my African violet and other plants will handle it better. Beyond that, it's nicely made so that light coming through the patterns is either frosty-foggy or sometimes casting faint rainbows. Much prettier than the plain window film I used in the basement at my prior place. Very glad I bought it!
     I had a whopping eight places to get to Saturday morning, but even though I'm not keen on doing lots of running around, it definitely brought some rewards. Since I had to stop at Home Depot for parts for a project, I went to the Goodwill across the street and was delighted to find a nice black iron dvd holder for just a few bucks. Not only did it help me empty one of my lingering moving boxes, but it fits very nicely on the side of one bookcase. The other treat was stopping by Bachmanns, drooling through their houseplant assortment, and happily bringing home a small Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus). I'd failed to find one in the other places I'd checked, and it's a species I really like.
     What helped make Saturday's errand-running more fun was the fact that peak autumn color has come to my area. Even though Saturday was very cloudy and gloomy, it was still gorgeous everywhere I drove.
     But Sunday was even better. I got out to the regional park right at dawn and took a nice 8 mile walk shooting tons of photos. The place was gorgeous, the weather magnificent, and what a blessing to get to savor it!
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