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Of prayers answered and smaller joys:

     On Tuesday afternoon, I got an email from Netflix which quite upset me, because it revealed that not only had my Netflix dvd been taken (again) but this time it had been returned without my even getting my hands on it. All because the mailboxes at my current place are too ridiculously small to even fit a dvd in them. (My mail gets wadded up pretty much every day.) Netflix dvds just get stuck in the brick by the mailboxes for anyone walking through to grab. I stomped out to the bus stop fearing I would have to give up my two-a-month Netflix account entirely, and prayed for an idea. Less than a minute later, I thought of my coworker Dawn. I don't want the dvds mailed to somebody where I'd have to drive to their house to retrieve them, but Dawn was perfect, as she could bring them to work. So on Wednesday I got to ask her, and she was delighted at a chance to help me out (I've been her 'tech support' a few times lately with her old Windows Vista pc). Hurrah! So glad for the idea, being able to keep my account and not rip off Netflix, AND nobody else is going to be watching my dvds either (except Dawn and Mark if they want to).

     Thursday's answer to prayer was even bigger. I heard back from a beta reader whose resume was so impressive I was almost too chicken to even contact her! (12 years in manuscript acquisition/sales for one of the big 5 publishers, managed an independent bookstore, English professor, etc.) To my delight, she was willing to review DWoT after reading some samples, but her price tag was (much) higher than I had budgeted. (And quite fair, considering her credentials, because it's beta combined with content editing.) So I sent out a hasty prayer request email to my parents and the Towners, and it got conclusively answered by a big YES that same day! So grateful to the Holy Spirit and my parents for their support!!

     Friday brought another bake sale on the last day of the United Way fundraiser week. Apple strudel, pumpkin bars, and a small loaf of pumpkin bread. Yum!

     Saturday was special, as it was my first Saturday to just stay at home and not go ANYWHERE since April 9. I needed that! Got stuff done around home, made the first steps in my 2017 calendar project, and even managed a little writing progress with the novella that has been fighting me tooth and nail for weeks.
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