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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:        So wonderful to have…

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Recent delights:
     So wonderful to have my boss back at work after she was off for a week and a half. Better for stress levels too, and my poor teammate who got buried with too much to do.
     A treat to have so many great sales at Cub when I did my food shopping Friday night.
     Saturday morning I got out to the big craft/art fair at the racetrack that I've been to multiple times in the past. Although I got there at 9:15, and it opened at 9, the place was mobbed from the start! I'm happy though--I found a pair of great gifts for my boss and my coworker Dawn, and also got something for myself I couldn't resist, as it reminded me of t'DoL's wings. I'll probably post more on that later. =)
     This was the weekend for movies. On Saturday I treated myself out to Doctor Strange in 3D on the huge IMAX screen, and I'm glad I did, as that's such a visually stunning movie that deserves to be seen in 3D. Quite a fun watch. But for all that, my outing Sunday to see the sci-fi Arrival was even more memorable. I haven't loved a movie so much since Interstellar, that's for sure! That one I really hope to get out and see again, if time permits.
     So blessed to have a turnaround with the art project I've been working on. All sorts of things went wrong last weekend, and I spent a bit of time and thought trying to track down the issues over the course of the workweek. So after all that hair-pulling, what a treat to get rolling Sunday morning and make some fabulous progress!
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