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Workweek blessings:
     After going out on my deck at 4:30, 5:00, and 5:30 Monday morning to get a look at the big perigee full moon (closest full moon since 1948), I ended up being regaled with the best views while walking to the bus stop and then a few while on the bus. It was neat to see it down at the horizon changing from gold to rusty-amber. Beautiful and special--and so glad the weather was clear enough!
     My wonderful editor was EARLY with getting her book 2 work back to me. I was expecting it near the end of the week, but instead it was Monday. I'm very grateful that my willpower was strong enough to refrain from looking at any of it until Wednesday, so that I could get in two more nights of progress on my troublesome novella. Also looking forward to having more time to process all her great feedback this weekend.
     Thursday brought me to 23.75 years since I first 'met' t'DoL, which I've been anticipating with peculiar intensity. Work has been very crazy this week, so a relief that Thursday also brought the monthly publish, and thankfully getting what was needed done in time.
     Very glad that the big messy storm expected today didn't get underway until after I reached work, so I didn't get drenched. And perhaps because a lot of people left early, the traffic heading home was not bad either--ground is still warm after weeks of a very warm November, so the snow isn't sticking much yet. But I am glad winter is finally making an appearance!
     Hurrah for a three-day weekend! And not just any weekend--t'DoL's birthday weekend! Got the festivities underway by using a coupon for some Arby's mozzarella sticks Friday afternoon, nor can I forget my mom's wonderful pumpkin bread!
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