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Back again, and again time to catch up!

     On Friday, June 29 the highlights were:
*That we made great time and didn't hit ANY construction at all until Sioux Falls itself.
*Stopping in Luverne, a small town near the border of Minnesota that's the birthplace of the famous photographer Jim Brandenburg. There's an exhibit of his work there that was quite fun to look through.
*Racing 7-yr-old Isaiah on his bike down the dusty country road--and having a group of some 8-12 cattle in the adjacent field start stampeding along with us.
*A nearly full moon rising with dusty rainbow twilight in the west on our way back to the hotel before 10 pm.


     On Saturday, June 30 I enjoyed:
*A 6:30 am walk near the hotel where I saw my first Dickcissels (a bird that looks a cross between a meadowlark and a sparrow).
*Being taken to see the Sioux Falls in the middle of Sioux Falls for which the city is named--and discovering a huge art fair going on!
*A late lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Sioux Falls. The cider they serve there always makes me think of my beloved 'Tale of the Apple-Grower' ever since the first time I tasted it.
*My return route meant we missed all the Sioux Falls construction save for 1.5 miles--and made extremely good time heading home. (back before 9 pm!)
*That my memory didn't fail me and I found the gas station I'd spotted heading out (when my tank was too full) that was 10 cents/gallon cheaper than most everywhere else. *dances*


Can't forget the wonderful blessings of car air conditioning and cd players--as well as a hotel room with great air conditioning as well!
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