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Weekend joys:
     It was very nice to have a quiet weekend at home in which the only place I went to was church. Got a bit of much-needed catching up done on several fronts, if not all of them.
     Been having fun playing with the mermaid pillow I got at the craft sale in early November. It's hard to photograph because of how shiny/iridescent it is, but here's some of the what I've drawn on it. Just fun!
     Had a scare Friday night when I brought in the finalized versions of the characters in my calendar project, and found the strand-based hair would not load correctly. A bit of frantic praying, a lot of quick thinking, and a few abortive tries later, I found I could get it to work if I regressed from Poser 11 to Poser 9, added an animation frame, and reran the simulation for every single gravity-influenced hair group. (Hyarmi have a lot of hair groups, believe me!) So grateful that I did not have a complete meltdown, that I found a way to get it to work nearly as well as the Poser 11 version, and that I didn't have to pull an all-nighter Friday night fighting with it!
     Very glad for the great progress I made with the project over the weekend. Hopefully the final render that I kicked off Sunday night will be the final render, it will finish in less than two days, and I'll be up to the last stages at last! Excited about that.
     Nothing about the novella I'm working on is fast, but I'm glad I was eventually able to get 'unstuck' after losing Wednesday and Thursday night at church last week. Now it's rolling again, I've passed 20,000 words, and I'm bearing down on the end of section 3. Hopefully I can keep it up this week...
     Can't forget--what a treat Sunday morning to look outside and see SNOW! Not much of it, and it's nearly gone already, but it was the lovely sort that stuck to everything, which made for a beautiful drive to and from church.
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