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     Winter has finally made a belated appearance, and what an appearance! Temperatures dropped from feeling like something in November to more like January, with hardly a pause for breath. I got to get out my winter coat this week and have been quite appreciating it against the bitter wind. Coming up: the first big storm for my area, and overnight temps below zero in the next few days. Wow!

     Sometimes I take residential roads when I'm driving home from the park and ride ramp or after running errands. That has been a real treat, as there are lots of houses tucked away with delightful Christmas decorations up, and I keep spotting more. Gotta live vicariously through those guys, as I don't have money, time, or space for much in the way of Christmas decorations this year.

     Friday night was great because I finally finished my 2017 calendar project and got my 'test order' sent off. Got my wallpaper versions for home, work, and Starfish made up today, as well as a future Twitter banner. And now comes the time to enjoy it!

     Saturday morning I attempted a platelet donation but my iron was way too low. Yet that turned out to be a blessing, because I stopped by the Johnson's to give them a Christmas gift, and we ended up sitting and talking for hours. Nearly three! And since I had the 'extra' time that I'd expected to use for donation, I was able to just relax and enjoy it. A great "pajama party" was had by all!
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