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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent joys:      Very happy that my church…

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Recent joys:
     Very happy that my church started live-streaming lately, since with over 6 inches of snow Saturday night and the place where I live not doing plowing on weekends, I didn't try to dig out, but could still hear the message. What a blessing!
     Monday morning I was pleased to find that most of the path I use to get to the bus stop was already dug out by locals with their snowblowers. Just a few short stretches where I had to "wade", and those were all cleared by the city before I headed home.
     Delighted to discover recently that my old spider plant (25+ years old) likes it enough at my new place that it is putting out a flower stalk. So maybe babies will be coming down the road as well. The strawberry begonia is also happy, as is the cutting my mom gave me of her plant. Glad most of my plants are adjusting quite well.
     On Monday evening, got unstuck long enough to finally finish section 3 of 'Furthest Leap.' At last. I may just finish the entire thing before I start collecting my pension, who knows? ;)
     Tuesday evening was great, as the Towners and I had dinner at Boca Chica. I got to have my favorite cheese enchiladas, and since Joe hadn't really eaten since morning he devoured his whole plate of fajitas. It was a nice time...with beautiful views of the rising full moon as we headed out afterward.
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