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Not a good weekend, but there are always bright spots:
     Happy that I got my lighted Christmas tapestry up in my bedroom a week ago and am getting to enjoy it now. It goes great with the matching table runner I got recently (and the bell pull and placements I've had much longer).
     Despite the good half-foot of snow that fell Friday night, the area by my garage was plowed out enough that I could get out Saturday afternoon. Five of us from my church group went to see a musical version of 'Scrooge' at a nearby church. It was very nicely done for costumes, effects, and props, and I really enjoyed hearing all the songs so familiar to me from childhood.
     Despite the very cold air this weekend, around -18 Sunday morning and only a high of -5, my car started! So I was able to go to my church for their Christmas program, and on the way got to see a simply gorgeous and very intense sunbow/sundogs. Not a surprise in such extreme cold!
     And considering the weather, can't forget to be grateful for good heat and reliable electricity!
Tags: skyscapes, snow
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