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Lots of treats on my vacation...

     Last Thursday, my mom and I got out to the Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento, which we'd talked about a number of times over the last decade, but never yet made it out there. It was fantastic. My mom and I really enjoyed the California art from the gold rush period, the older European pieces, and two of the short-term exhibits. The architecture of the portion of the museum built in the 1870s and beautifully preserved was a real treat. So was the very extensive and diverse collection of ceramics from different continents and time periods. And I'm so glad God made Franz Bischoff and he persevered with his talent because the trio of painted vases by him that we saw just blew me away.

     It was fun over two evenings to get to watch Pete's Dragon with my nieces/nephews and then with my parents, and see them enjoy it like I do.

     My wonderful mom made rice and beans Puerto Rican style with pink beans and real sofrito. That's what Heaven tastes like, right? ;)

     On New Year's Eve my mom and I got to ride with my brother and the eight oldest kids over to the Nimbus fish hatchery near Folsom Lake. It was too late to see the salmon climbing the ladder to their spawning place, but the kids had a blast feeding the young fish. Hopefully we'll come back at a better time in the future.

     Can't leave out what a treat it's been to drive my parents' brand new 2017 Subaru Forester, and get spoiled with some of the neat features. Looking forward to trying out more when we head down to Solvang...
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