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Getting sick made my first week back a little tough, but there have been lots of highlights lately:
     I was finally able to get to the Post Office on Friday to pick up nearly three weeks worth of mail. And at least that only contained one overlooked bill, whew!
     Saturday morning I took some time to spend a few hours hashing out figures for my 'Populations' document...which was been untouched probably since 2003. All thanks to my wonderful editor's suggestions, and it will pay off even more when I have to do similar sort of work for the second Triune novel. Should have done as much years ago, ahem, but at least it is underway now!
     Saturday afternoon was quite special--headed over to my old school for the Towners' celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. It was a good turnout and neat to talk to a few people I have not seen in years.
     Sunday brought triumph, as I was finally able to get book 2 changes done and into eBook form, only half a month after my goal (and I can blame that on moving last year, ha ha). I'm super excited to get rolling with the third Geren book, hopefully this week...
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