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     Happy that my mom and I both got airfare for our trip to Florida in early March. I'm really looking forward to getting back there and seeing well as manatees, gators, and other wonders...
     After a bit of prep-work Monday and Tuesday evening, the first editing pass through the third Geren book is underway! Very excited about that.

     Really enjoying RightNow Media lately, as I've been watching half-hour sessions from a six hour series on Romans 12 over my lunch. It's by the same pastor who really blessed me around two years back with his series on spiritual gifts, and now he's blessing me again. Looking forward to trying to make this a new lunchtime habit.

     Also been blessed by some digging I did in my journal and through other records of late 2011 as I prepare for my grim and ghastly 24th anniversary essay. My memory was actually correct in regard to timing (amazing!), and comparing where I am now to where I was five years closer to the hell year has been instructive.

     A real treat on the walks to the bus stop lately. With this wretched January thaw, there's a lot of refreezing going on before dawn. And that has led to the beautiful treat of the non-iced portions of roads and paths being thick with glitter from frost. The dancing sparkle as I walk under street lights is amazing! And evocative for me too, as it makes it easier to imagine what the parallel plane looks like for Jonill in the novella I'm working on.
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