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Weekend joys:
     It took around 4 hours, but I finally got caught up with a month's worth of money stuff and it feels wonderful to not be majorly behind with anything critical. I'm looking forward to getting to focus on writing and art this week!
     I was too busy during the workweek, but on the weekend I could spare a few minutes to fix the sound on my pc. Glad it was simpler than I fear and even more glad to be able to listen to music again.
     Sunday brought the 44th anniversary of the darkest day in American history. I went to the March for Life by the capitol, but this time I had company. Colleen from my church singles group rode with me. Very gladdened by the turnout, spoiled by the above-freezing temps in January, and thrilled by the number of members from the state senate and house.
     On Sunday evening I finally got rolling again with my obstinate novella. Didn't help that I'd left off right before the nastiest scene, but hopefully now that I'm through it I can pick up speed...
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