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So glad for a payday Friday!
     So happy I finally finished the first draft of The Furthest Leap on Monday night. It will be great to get another story up after far too long. I had to blow a lot of dust off my stories timeline and stories description pages, ha ha!
     A lot of the stuff on my plate at work lately has been tedious and/or unpleasant. So I'm grateful my personal playlist of purchased worship songs on my Amazon music is past 90 minutes long now. That helps smooth the time indeed.

     A wonderful surprise late on Thursday--the Towners will be going out to San Diego this spring as part of a twins study, and they'll be using the "proximity" to visit my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. Excited about that!

     My boss was not helping my productivity this morning by sending me Amazon links, but when she said this one made her think of me she was pretty close. I wish I'd thought of it!
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