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Another workweek winding down:
     Some nasty freezing drizzle came in Tuesday morning, but thankfully not too much before I got to the bus stop. The paths were sheets of glare ice that afternoon so I had to walk in the road instead, but at least I could drive to the ramp Wednesday and the ice melted that afternoon. Grateful it's gone and no slips.
     Monday night was great because I finished pass 1 in book 3, though it will be a little bit before I can get rolling with pass 2--too much on my plate at the moment.
     Tuesday night was also good because I finished the first draft of my soul-baring 24th anniversary essay, so it's on track to be done in time, whew.
     I've been appreciating the fact that I can see some predawn light as I stand at the bus stop now. Glad for lengthening daylight and any aid to spotting the ice on the paths.
     Also appreciating that with pass 1 complete I can actually do some reading on some of my bus rides, yay!
     Very grateful for a quiet week with no evening commitments. Been making progress on editing in my novella and getting stuff like my pronunciations page updated, and also got back to my overly-troublesome art project. Hoping I can keep it up with the progress this weekend...
Tags: book 3: editing, essays: anniversary, furthest leap
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