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Grateful for weekend blessings:
     Glad I finally had a weekend with no commitments. I've been wanting to do a "half day" in prayer (4 hours) for a couple months, and this weekend was my chance. It's been over a decade since I last tried it, and this time went very differently. Four hours was too short! Next time I want to take a day off and go for six hours instead, that might do it. So blessed by how well it went and the gifts I received...
     Bearing down on my 24th anniversary since first "meeting" t'DoL (this Friday), I've been thoroughly enjoying the commemorative wallpaper I made to celebrate my 20th anniversary. And that gave me the desire to plan out a 25th anniversary commemorative wallpaper for next year...and then I came up with an idea that just screamed to have a story with it. That's where I was Saturday morning during the worship section of my 4 hours with God when my brain got invaded by the story that goes with the picture that I haven't made yet. What a gift to get to add something new to my What's Cooking page after so long. And what a gift to receive such a beautiful story idea! I am so blessed.
     On Saturday afternoon I watched Free State of Jones while doing 22 miles of pedaling on my exercise bike, and despite its structural flaws as a movie, I really enjoyed it.
     I'm so grateful my church does livestreaming of its services now. I couldn't sleep from 1-4 am due to the female curse and was pretty ragged Sunday morning. But thanks to livestreaming, I didn't miss out! My pastor was back after breaking a vertebrae from a fall on the ice a couple weeks back, and I got to hear the first in his series on Habakkuk that I have been super geeky-excited anticipating since I learned it was coming. I love Habakkuk!
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