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Shouts · of · Joy

Workweek joys:      It was quite a…

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Workweek joys:

     It was quite a surprise to hear the first cardinal song of "spring" as I walked to the bus stop Monday morning. Mostly because it feels like there hasn't been a winter yet! The weather has been crazy but I'm glad the cardinal knows what time of year it is.

     The days getting longer means I've gotten to see bits of lovely sunrises from the bus a few times this week. Quite a treat.

     Maybe it's because I'm officially an over-40 old maid spinster now, but I was amused by the sundry Valentine's Day goodies I got this year that I was not at all expecting. Valentines from Dawn and Anna at work, a card and note from Linda, and chocolates from the Towners. I certainly don't get depressed on Valentine's Day, but perhaps they think I might need cheering up. ;) So sweet of them to remember me!

     Had a memorable dinner at the Towners on Tuesday evening. Due to a near-disaster with their waterbed, they kicked off a big painting and cleaning project early, which meant we got to eat off folding trays in the basement as nearly all the furniture has been moved. I finally got to give them my single page calendar and show them photos from my California trip, and it was a good time.

     Best of all, just one day until my 24th anniversary of "meeting" t'DoL. EEEEEEEEEE!
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