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Hurrah for a Jeans Day Friday!
     While the publish Monday evening proved long and ugly, the results were fabulous. It was amazing to actually get some positive feedback emails afterward, since usually the only sorts of emails my team gets from downstairs are complaints. A pleasant surprise indeed!
     Joe keeps asking me how my wonderful boss is doing. Reason being, my wonderful boss let me work two-hour lunch breaks from Tuesday through Friday this week so that I stay an hour later and have time to walk over to the hospital where Mary is and spend about 90 minutes there around midday. Very kind of her!
     Also grateful that of three big hospitals in St Paul, Mary is in the one the closest to me, so I don't have to deal with hopping on a bus or losing more time in travel.
     It has been so heartening to see Mary's improvement on my visits. Tuesday was hair-raising, and Wednesday she thankfully looked a bit better. The ICU cracked down so I didn't get to see her Thursday, but Friday was the winner. She was talking clearly, in more than whispers, got the last tubes taken out, looked much better, was in less pain, and she got moved out of ICU while I was there (and ordered her first solid food meal since before it all started Friday). I know a gazillion people have been praying for her, and it is very obvious with how much she's improved these past few days (let alone survived a 7 hour surgery and such bad odds). Glory to God!
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