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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of joys to gush about!      Blessed by…

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Lots of joys to gush about!

     Blessed by smooth travel to Florida on Tuesday for both me and my mom. It brought an amusing highlight of Southwest Airlines putting on a Fat Tuesday parade inside the Atlanta airport, complete with a small marching band that had a Sousaphone!

     On Wednesday my aunt took me and my mom to see some miniature horses, which was neat. Then in the afternoon we got out to see the movie Hidden Figures, which we all enjoyed.

     Thursday was amazing. My wonderful cousin Diane joined us for our trip to Sarasota (on the Caribbean coast). My objective was to meet my fabulous editor for lunch, but that was sandwiched between visiting the beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in the morning, and then checking out the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in the afternoon, along with a brief visit to beautiful Siesta Beach.
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