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Vacation delights galore:

     What I left out on my last post and should not have is all the wonderful food my aunt has been feeding us. Meals are delicious, particularly dinners! Nor can I leave out all the goodies, including her homemade cheesecake.

     On Friday my cousin Diane joined us again in the morning to do the Apopka wildlife drive, that was just opened a year or so ago, after decades of restoration work for the environment in the area. Despite the wind keeping the smaller birds under cover, we saw so many bigger ones, it was amazing. I've seen so many osprey on this trip! And there were loads of great blue herons, coots, gallinules, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, glossy ibis, Louisiana herons, anhingas, pied-billed grebes, blue-winged teal...the list goes on. THanks to other drivers with massive lenses on their cameras, we also got to see some fulvous whistling ducks, which I'd never seen in the wild before. It was a wonderful time.

     On Friday the wind died down a little which made for a simply amazing day for a visit to wonderful Discovery Cove (my second time there). Enjoyed the aviary, lazy river, and snorkling in the grand reef again--the stingrays are all two years bigger than at my last visit! A very nice day.

     Since my other aunt and uncle were coming over for dinner Sunday night, after mass my mom and I drove over to check out Mt Dora. So glad God provided a good parking spot or I might still be driving around searching. ;) That place was super busy and a lot of fun, between the local small farmer's market and the many shops. We both had fun shopping.

     On Monday we were blessed with great weather again, which made for a delightful day at SeaWorld. It was wonderful to see a whole bunch of rescue manatees in the exhibit, including some adorable orphans. Enjoyed the shows and other exhibits too, particularly the penguin one I'd never done before.
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