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Glad for a three-day weekend before I go back to work...

     I'm quite grateful that while I was in Florida I had a limited but doable internet connection with my Karma wi-fi. I just had to get out into the patio, instead of having to drive or walk over a mile to the Clubhouse.

     Also grateful for the lovely patio at my aunt and uncle's place as it was perfect for spending time with God early in the morning and getting to watch the dawn come and hear the birdsong.

     It was a real treat to have my mom read all of 'Furthest Leap' while on our vacation, and my aunt get started on it.

     While the weather proved a little too warm for me and my mom's taste, I was happy that we got out to Busch Gardens on Wednesday. They had some amazing new topiaries and lots of familiar favorites. Trying to get decent photos with my new camera while on the moving train through the Africa exhibit was a fun challenge!

     Glad for smooth travel for both me and my mom on Thursday, and plenty of time while waiting or on the plane for reading and sorting through hundreds of photos I'd taken. Minnesota greeted me with single digits on my first night back, which I know won't last, but it feels great to be back!
Tags: furthest leap, starfish, vacation
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