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Recent blessings:
     I've had my exercise bike for a little over 3 years now, and it has proven very useful. Since I've got plenty of Florida weight-gain to wipe out, I pedaled 78 miles on it between Friday and Sunday, with a new daily high of 37 miles on Sunday. Very glad to have it!
     I got a small bag of black truffle sea salt at a tea and spice store in Mt Dora, and on Saturday I discovered that it is simply fabulous with a meal of baked potatoes, broccoli, and parmesan cheese.
     I've been greatly enjoying the cold temps, and then on top of that the 4 or so inches of snow that came late on Sunday. Nice to have a brief return to winter, after such a pathetic February.
     Monday the 13th brought my return to my paid job, which proved so crazy it was downright funny. Both my boss and my teammate called in sick, so I was running the 'shop' alone with a ton of emails to get through and on top of that discovering something that had broken during my absence that needed to get fixed and cleaned up. Glad I stayed calm and the craziness helped the day pass quickly. Also glad that my boss is back today!
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