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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad for a weekend!      It took all the…

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So glad for a weekend!

     It took all the way until Friday until all three members of my team were well enough to be back in the office. Glad they're on the mend, and that so far I haven't caught what's going around.

     I've been struggling along with my art project 'Cold Hillside' since, oh, the middle of December, and that doesn't include the preliminary work I did on it a year prior! So I'm glad that after loads of setbacks and delays it is finally getting very close to being at a place I'm happy with. Of course, by the time I finish it, winter will be over...but I guess I'll get to enjoy it NEXT winter, ha ha.

     Friday night I finished the last book in the 'Lamb Among the Stars' series and thanked God, yet again, for how blessed I am to have found those books, and how much they've blessed me every time I read them. I wish I had the time to read them every winter...

     On Saturday I spent a chunk of the day with the Towners at the transitional care center in Woodbury that Mary is at. That place is amazing! Recently built and the decor and materials and layout is just gorgeous. Feels like a posh hotel, really! Great to see Mary, and also great to take Joe on a few errands and have lunch with them. Delighted they took me up so quickly on my offer to 'chauffeur' since neither of them can drive now. It's exactly 3 miles/around 5 minutes between the transitional care and their house--another blessing. And on top of that--they've been letting Joe stay the nights and live there, which didn't seem likely at the beginning. The nurses love him. =)
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On March 18th, 2017 11:05 pm (UTC), David Duran commented:
A chance to return the favor after all the rides the Towners have given us over the years. Thanks for volunteering!!
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On March 19th, 2017 12:44 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Re: Finally!
It will take a LOT of driving to fully repay them, ha ha!