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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent treats:        On Saturday morning I…

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Recent treats:
     On Saturday morning I finally got out to the discount mall one day before my $20 coupon expired. It was great to get some clothes at a good price, especially a new pair of jeans I can wear to work!
     In search of longer movies to make for more exercise, I wound up enjoying the first two extended edition LoTR movies this weekend, for 30 miles on Saturday and 33 on Sunday. Fabulous way to burn calories!
     Use Tax is the worst ever, but at least it's under $500, and I'm delighted my tax returns are already heading back. Since I didn't get to do my taxes as early this year, I wasn't sure how long I'd have to wait. It will feel great to have it all DONE.
     I have a very small deck compared to my previous place, which means I will have a pretty small garden. But it's still fun to dig out the flower guide and plan my color scheme and what I want to get. Also blessed that at least a small garden = a smaller expense!
     And spring is coming. A delight to hear the mingled voices of robins and cardinals as I walked to the bus this morning. Been hearing quite a bit of the house finch as well.
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