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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad for a weekend!      Yet another…

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So glad for a weekend!

     Yet another reason to love the internet--got a weather app on my netbook where I've flagged locations I'm interested in. Not just my parents or my aunt, but various places related to upcoming trips or to get a feel what I'd think of potentially moving there. Wikipedia is great for climate summaries as well.

     Delighted that I was able to finish with lodging reservations and also get airfare for the August Oregon eclipse and scouting trip (direct flights, whoot!). I tend to get really restless this time of year, so having a trip to plan makes a great outlet.

     Work gets downright fun when I can come up with a creative way to resolve a nagging issue...and my creative idea happened to be triggered by randomly noticing during a prior project that an AZL zone could be told to read sideways or upside-down. So grateful to God for bright ideas!

     Right near the halfway mark on my end-to-end portion of pass 2 in the third Geren book, and delighted to be running slightly ahead of my schedule. At this rate, pass 3 is going to be pretty easy.
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