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A long weekend full of joys:
     Delighted to find out the Towners liked the homemade granola I gave them enough to ask for the recipe! I'm enjoying it for breakfasts myself when I'm not fasting or having oatmeal.
     It was great to have Easter with the Towners, and see Deb and Mercer and Aaron in a nicer setting than a hospital waiting room, which was the last place I saw them. So thankful to God that Mary is doing so well and that we can have Easter dinner together.
     Delighted to get my TSoS avatar finished faster than I expected and completed on Easter Sunday whilst listening to lots of Easter music--that was a lot of fun.
     Blessed to have two days in a row of glorious spring weather amid all the rain of late: Sunday and Monday. And Monday was my day off. So that morning I got out to the regional park and hiked about 4.5 miles. That brought its own blessings, the first being the sound of frogs calling from various ponds, since I don't have a walk to the bus stop that goes by a pond anymore. Also blessed, after looking around for bluebirds with no success, to have a male one fly almost under my nose as I reached the parking lot at the end of my walk!
     Another big blessing on my walk. While thinking over the second Triune novel and the fact that I had zilch with notes for my avatar assignment. God blessed me by having a complete fabulous idea for the TDoT avatar come flooding into my head right there, and when I got home I wrote it all down. Finding the time to make it, however, might be another matter!
     I'm running a few weeks late (as usual) but on Monday I was finally able to get to the point of roughing out the entire outline structure for the second Triune novel, at LAST!
     Can't forget--down to single digit months for the countdown to my 25th anniversary, as yesterday was the 10-month mark (aka, 24 years and 2 months for counting up). Whoo-hoo!
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