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Been a tempestuous week of spiritual warfare (due to the first item below, I expect) so I'm grateful to stagger into a weekend not too terribly mangled:
     I was one day late with my plans, but very very glad that Tuesday was the night I got started with writing my tenth novel, The Desolation of Triune. At last! Slightly over a year already since finishing the first draft of the first novel. And so blessed by how well the outline has fallen together, though it still needs plenty of detail work.
     Pleased to have the publish at work bumped up a day, from Thursday to Wednesday, since I was assigned to it this month. Even better, it was done by 5, much faster than the last few months! That meant I was able to give a ride to someone in my church group Thursday who needed it, and not have to wonder how late I would have to stay at work or if I'd make it to the group at all. Big blessing all around.
     Work has been downright slow for me this week, which has been a needed excuse to quit being intimidated by the last rewrite sections in the third Geren book. Two of them are now finished with only one left, which means pass 2 is at 98% and still ahead of schedule.
     On Thursday, since I knew I wouldn't get home until late, and since the start of my tenth novel definitely merits celebration, I treated myself to dinner at Afro Deli. Ate half at my desk before leaving work, and the rest in the park and ride lot, and it was delicious and worked out great.
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