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Weekend highlights:
     As is a surprise to nobody who saw my spring photos post, I got out to William O'Brien State Park on Saturday. The morning was beautiful though it warmed up too fast for me to stay long. Lots of birds and birdsong, lots of bluebirds, and the whole area was gorgeous. Didn't get to see them in the park, but I did spot a pair of Sandhill Cranes flying away as I got close to the park.
     Going to that park left me in a great position to stop by my two favorite greenhouses in the Stillwater area, and I was delighted to find everything I was planning to get for my small garden this year. Then on Sunday morning I got most of my planting done before church while it was still cool.
     Sunday after church I went over to the Towners for a "surprise" Mother's Day get-together, though Mary told me it wasn't a surprise after Joe bought too many steaks the day before! Mercer is around 10 months old and still "scooting" everywhere.
     The weekend brought nasty June temperatures, unfortunately, but that provides another gratitude to write about. Weeks ago, in early April, I was trying to figure out my strategy to survive the heat and light of awful summertime for my new place that has no central air and a southern exposure. I kept building things in my mind and calculating the costs, trouble, weaknesses, portability, and time usage for various light blocks. Just kept running into the problem that the only cool place to sleep was by the wall AC but that was a very bad place to attempt to keep dark. And that was how I got into researching portable air conditioners and reading reviews and looking at fuse box amp limits and wincing over the cost. Prayer and thought lead me to Craigslist, where I was hugely blessed to find a small unit that had good reviews for nearly half the price of normal because it was a return. And while I tried hooking it up to my window in April and buying a stand, this weekend was the first time I really got to use it. Fabulous! Because I can turn it on a half hour or so before I head to bed...and once I get around to learning the remote I will be even more spoiled. What a blessing to find a solution that allows me to stay in my bedroom, and I can even take it with me when I move!
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