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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent blessings:      Friday at work was…

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Recent blessings:

     Friday at work was one of the most crazy, big-things-gone-wrong days in a while, so I'm glad to come back Tuesday and have the various issues corrected. But if everything had to explode, I'm glad it happened after my boss got back and when I didn't have a lot on my plate.
     At least Friday did have one treat--the folks on my floor of the department all got to go to lunch to celebrate Lisa's 25th service anniversary. It was a pretty good time and the food was delicious.
     On Monday I took a day off work to spend time with God. I could not have received better weather. Started out in the upper 40s and got up to middle 60s, with lots of sunlight and not much wind. I spent 7.5 hours at Afton State Park, where I hiked with a 20 pound backpack full of stuff, including my new collapsible chair, a little over 2 miles to a remote corner of the park. The place I chose was beautiful and I got to see a lot between birds and deer over my six-plus hours there. I am already looking forward to my next outing with God in August! (And still amazed how many years it took for my thick skull to consider giving a tithe of vacation time!)
     I love flowers, so I've got a treat on my walk to and from the bus stop lately. Been enjoying the violets and creeping charlie, but now there's a corner of somebody's yard that has spiderwort mixed in with the grass. I don't know if it's a native plant that somehow escaped being destroyed by "development," or the remnants of a long-ago garden cultivar. They are lovely--they look like miniature trillium blossoms, with three petals in light shades of purple. And then I noticed some beautiful pink flowers on some small bushes that were new to me. Had to look them up yesterday, and now I know something new. Weigela is gorgeous! (And more beauty to come--I walk past a house that has a whole row of peonies I'm really looking forward to watching bloom.)
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