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I am glad the weekend is over. Due to my ongoing war with my computer over my art project, I am exhausted and relieved to be back at work!
     Saturday morning I got out to Hobby Lobby and bought two more white presentation boards to use as light-blocks (hung up and removed each night with velcro). It's great to have the patio door completely covered; cutting a slot to put around the door handle worked great. The dining room window still has a gap, but I need one for the fan until it gets really hot. Pretty pleased!
     The weather forecast has been constantly changing and pretty unreliable lately, so it's been hard to make plans. Thankfully, Sunday morning was lovely, if somewhat windy, so I was able to get out for a 5+ mile walk at the regional park. The wind was great for keeping the bugs away, and I was delighted to see lots of wild geranium and columbine and some anemones blooming all over.
     Due to battles with my computer I didn't make as much pass 4 progress on book 3 as I hoped this weekend. Due to my bad memory, I forgot just how time-consuming using the repetition check software actually is. Somewhere between 11 and 16 hours of work, but I can only manage a few hours straight before I can't focus anymore due to how extremely tedious it is. But I was blessed--my evaluation copy of the software on Starfish decided to work, though the paid version is on my main pc. That meant I could at least keep working on Sunday afternoon and Monday when my main pc was tied down, though the tiny screen made it more difficult. Grateful for progress and hoping to be ready for the main pass 4 work by June!
     Very grateful for Starfish in this mess! Thanks to that, I can still check emails or the weather, listen to Bevere podcasts, and look things up online. Best of all, I think there's light at the end of this tunnel...
Tags: art, book 3: editing, flowers, starfish, walking
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