Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
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Happiness is:
     The delightful surprise of realizing I had enough points on my secondary credit card to get myself a $25 Amazon gift card. Yay for 'free' dvds!

     The peonies are blooming, the peonies are blooming! All over!

     Finally making it through the last Vue patch render for my interminable art project. My overworked elderly pc did not explode or fry a memory card, I won't be heating my already-hot apartment anymore with the poor thing running overnight, and I just might live to make it through the finish line, ha ha!

     The remote control for the portable air conditioner I bought for my bedroom. The buttons light dimly so I can see them in the dark, it illumines the screen when I press anything so I can see the temperature setting, it was wonderfully designed to be used in bed. What a blessing to have it and the portable air conditioner!

     Finding a new Bevere podcast that went up just this morning and feeling like it was recorded just for me!
Tags: art, flowers, freebie, portable ac
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